AgedCare To Launch Bookstore For Guardianship & Elder Care Resources

When I started researching books on Florida Guardianship and I was surprised at two things. First there were very limited resources available and second there was no centralized location or sources for books and other resources on Guardians, conservatorship, or guardianship.

Further searches found that there were several books on guardianship for other states but almost none for Florida. So, I decided to go big.

First, write a comprehensive book on Florida Guardianship and create a bookstore with a collection of books and resources solely dedicated to the profession of guardianship and conservatorship from across the country. A sort of one stop shop. So, I hired a web designer, and created a e-commerce online store.

The bookstore will feature resources by local and regional guardians as well as links to Amazon books. The Amazon book collaboration will allow me to bring a wide array of books and other resources to our guardian and elder care providers.

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