Book Launch Family & Professional Guardianship

Excitement builds leading up to the launch of the first comprehensive book on the Florida guardianship program. Launch date is set for early October. Early interest has been high. The official launch is planned for the National Guardianship Conference in Orlando, FL.

The book is published by The Hartage Foundation Inc. and authored by Homer L. Hartage. Homer Hartage is a Guardian and CEO of AgedCare.

AgedCare is a Florida based non-profit corporation guardianship company and a subsidiary of the Hartage Foundation.

Hartage said, “this book is primarily directed towards consumers of guardianship and their families. But it will also serve as a guide to new guardians entering the guardianship business”.

The guardianship book will be available on Amazon and in the AgedCare Online Bookstore. It will be offered in multiple formats including paperback, hardback, kindle and other e-readers. The price was not available at publication, but judging similar books in other states, hardbacks will sell around $49.00, and less for other formats.

Learn more about AgedCare and the Hartage Foundation at or email:

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