Hartage Foundation Wins $1.2 Million Dollar Extortion Case

In 2019, the Orange County Probate Court named The Hartage Foundation Inc., guardian for a ward who was hospitalized.  The Foundation acting as AgedCare Guardian, accepted the case pro bono. This means free, and with no expectation of recovering fees. He was indigent, and the initial record indicated he had less than $10.00 in cash assets. He was paralyzed from the waist down due to a gunshot to the back.

Following interviews with the ward and family members, we discovered that the ward had been awarded a cash settlement of $1.6 million dollars. So where was the money.  Our research found that he had been extorted of nearly all the money by a caregiver, who was also a relative.

The Hartge Foundation petitioned the court to go after this extortion case to get the money and property returned to the ward’s trust. We filed legal action for recovery and won the recovery of nearly $1.2 million dollars in real estate property, to be returned to the trust of our client.  The court ruled that there was unjust enrichment to the caregiver. The caregiver used the wards money, from his trust, to purchase property for herself and family members without compensating the trust or listing the property in the name of the trust.

There is a leading attorney in Florida that use the slogan, “For The People”, this is a case where the Hartage Foundation Inc., a Professional Guardianship company, acted with resolve, “For The People”.  

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